Using Remote Desktop in your business can create significant operational benefits from costs savings to easier schedule management.
However, there are also increased risks. In the wrong hands, RDP can be a powerful weapon that enables a threat actor to bypass defenses and launch a serious cyberattack.

Viruses designed for broad attacks are being replaced by customized malware that can target specific companies or individuals.
You need a customized security shield to protect your servers and data.

RDS-Knight is the intelligent solution

RDS-Knight offers multiple customizable layers of protection for your servers that can be deployed and managed with just a few clicks.
The smart interface gives administrators powerful security tools – all in one place: from Access Control and Session Management tools to Automated Attack Defense.

With two editions, RDS-Knight is available for business of all sizes!

Customizable Protection

The Ultimate Edition of RDS-Knight includes extra functionality that lets the administrator follow up on the security alerts and take action from within the RDS-Knight environment.
With the 4.6 release, RDS-Knight offers wider customization options and ensures that your remote connections stay safe.

Download the latest version now. and benefit from 15 day free trial.
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