The new version of Genius Server 3.7 was released last week. Server Genius is the most comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool for Windows servers. In addition to basic monitoring functions that provide hardware data, Server Genius tracks remote desktop sessions and Windows application processes that allow administrators to understand “who does what and when.” Let’s look at it deeper.

Server Genius Monitors Multiple Servers And Prevent Failure

The Server Genius monitoring agent can be easily deployed on multiple servers – in Windows or Linux – to record production events, data and user activity. By using the Web Dashboard, an administrator can easily view each of the Windows or Web server systems to see immediate display of relevant charts and accurate activity reports for the day, week or month.

Information about the activity of each server – resources, remote desktop sessions, running applications – are centralized in the Server Genius database. The management dashboard is an internet application, so the administrator can monitor his servers from anywhere, even when he is on the move. Web Dashboard is the most valuable tool for monitoring the IT outsourcing support team to remotely help the administrator in the event of production problems. Administrators get a review of their servers at a glance, allowing them to react quickly. As soon as the server stops working or suspicious behavior occurs, it will start blinking red to attract attention. In version 3.7, the desktop is automatically refreshed each time an administrator accesses it. Then, you can drill down into more detailed information to analyze the situation at the appointed time, to see exactly where the problem occurred and to permanently resolve it.

The Genius server provides accurate information about the state of the system.

The Genius server enables Windows administrators to quickly and easily check the overall performance of their production servers, based on data from remote desktop sessions and resource usage data (memory size, processor, disk, I / O, etc.). A warning will be sent as soon as the resources exceed the limits. Therefore, they can easily control their IT infrastructure, anticipate future investments and avoid serious problems.

To ensure the continuity and stability of your business and to constantly improve the level of user satisfaction, the Genius server provides useful information about the state of servers and RDS websites, checking their continued availability and speed of response.

More than simply monitoring the server infrastructure, Server Genius records the activity of a remote desktop session. From the moment the user connects to the RDS server until he logs out, each running application will be monitored. The dashboard then compiles the data and displays it in colorful reports. It clearly shows who uses the application and for how long on each monitored remote session. This is the easiest way to get practical feedback on the performance of a business organization. From this point of view, Server Genius is a unique management tool that allows you to better understand the narrow channels of the server.

Server Genius Reduces Reaction Time for Crisis Management

In addition to these added features, Server Genius provides many options for communicating important information to decision makers before a crisis occurs. First, administrators should set thresholds to determine which situations pose the greatest threat to their installation. From previous versions, you can, for example, set alarms (per server) in case of excessive downtime. If these thresholds are exceeded, Server Genius uses different actions to notify the administrator immediately.

Alert can also be automatically sent via e-mail via pop-up notification in the browser. Thanks to this method, the administrator does not experience any loss of performance. Regardless of what you are working on, critical information is displayed in real-time on the screen.

All warnings are then displayed in the “notification” tab in chronological order as well as in the order of troubleshooting. With Server Genius 3.7, alerts about events that remain unresolved remain at the top of the list, above those that have already been resolved. This helps administrators to effectively manage crises.

The RDS-Tools programmers team is working on additional features for the next version of Server Genius. For example, the option of exporting reports in PDF formats will be taken into account.

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