Ransomware are the most significant of today’s cyber threats.
It is easy to download them by mistake from a compromised website, to open them via malicious advertising pages or to receive them as an attachment from spammed emails.
These programs are the new and worst generation of malware. Their actions on your systems will either completely lock your access or encrypt the majority of your files until you pay the ransom cyber criminals request.
However, this does not warranty the restitution of your data and can paralyze your business activities. Unfortunately, Ransomware are usually very well hidden and their effects are hard to avoid – unless you have the right protection.

RDS-Knight Anti-Ransomware protection will efficiently DETECT, BLOCK and PREVENT ransomware attacks. It will prevent your business from catastrophic consequences by removing the ransomware at an early stage.
As soon as a ransomware activity is detected on your session, RDS-Knight quickly scans your system and instantly warns you, providing you with the list of the infected items to quarantine.
With access to detailed information about the attack source, you get to know how to anticipate these threats.

Furthermore, RDS-Knight integrates the most common crypto methods as well as foreseeable changes for an optimal protection.

RDS-Knight Anti-Ransomware action is the protection you need for quick response, limited damage, increased awareness and time savings with respect to data recovery.

This game-changing feature is exclusively included in the latest version of RDS-Knight ULTIMATE Protection with 5 other great Security Features for RDS Servers:

  • Homeland Protection: prevents foreign attackers to open a session.
  • Prevents Brute-Force Attacks: blacklists the offending IP addresses.
  • Working Hours Restriction: prohibits users to connect at night (per Users or per Groups).
  • One Click to Secure Desktop: provides highly secured user’s environment (per Users or per Groups).
  • End-Point Device Protection: restricts access per device (per Users).

Download the latest version of RDS-Knight 3.0 and test it yourself for 15 days for free.

The new version includes new features and improvements. Check on your own.