Choose the best way to remotely print


The world is rapidly moving towards the “make your business anywhere” model. One of its key features is the ability to print wherever you are. Remote printing should not be difficult anywhere you are on the upper or upper end of the world. A good remote print platform should easily handle the request to any printer from any machine while performing it in an easy and secure manner without overloading the links so as not to interfere with other users.

Many solutions may have seemingly similar functionality, but checked at a later time does not meet the basic requirements of the company. So how to choose the best solution for your needs?

How to print without physical access to printer?

When you do not have a direct connection to your business printer, you can try the following 4 solutions:

Print remotely through a WIFI-enabled printer

If you are using a network printer, you can easily configure it to connect it to the previously created wireless network. Once you have done this, you can install a printer driver on each computer and you have the ability to print even when the remote computer to which the printer is connected locally is disabled

Remote printing using printer sharing

With Windows, you get a special tool that allows you to share your printer with another computer on your local network. When selecting Home (Workgroup), you can use the printer from the shared computer as long as it is enabled and available on the network.

Remote printing with Google Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Print is a cloud printing service. Often we can buy a printer that already has a built-in GCP service. As soon as the printer is configured to use this service, it connects to a google account where we can quickly and easily print our files and share it with another Google user. Recently, Google has introduced dedicated apps for Android and iOS as well as for full-sized windows. Once installed, your office will be able to print directly from your application.

Print from Your VPN

This solution is used when you are outside your local network. When you want to print using a network printer or a shared printer, you should connect to the VPN. This will create a secure tunnel on the remote connection that is secure and will allow you to access the server, and therefore the printers. A method often used in business solutions, however, the service is not ideal for data security.

Why RDS Print is different?

This solution allows you to print directly from the session to your local printer, safely.

You only need to connect to a remote server using your RDS application, select a document to print. The item will be printed on the default printer (or chosen by the user) as if printed locally.

RDS-Print is a simple and effective solution for remote printing. You do not need to install any drivers, so it is compatible with any office, windows and can be used by unlimited users and printers, and this makes it a very reasonable alternative in the price / quality category.

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