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Web Portal based on HTML5 RDP
Just Run Safari Firefox or Chrome to run RDS Session
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Face the Cybercrimes, Prevent Data loss and Other Threats that wait for your RDS server
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Manage Your server Create Notifications and monitor user activity in comfortable way
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RDS Web Access Access your applications on your favorite web browser, from any device

In today’s connected world, it becomes mandatory to access your Remote Desktop from any device (Laptop, Chromebook, IPAD, Macbook, Surface…). With RDS-WebAccess, you can run any Windows application that simply doesn’t exist on any app store on your tablets.This is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use HTML5 solution to access your applications from everywhere and from any device. RDS-WebAccess allows you to access your PC or your RDS/TSE server to open your Desktop from anywhere in the world, using the device of your preference and a web browser. Users will have a full Remote Desktop Experience by listening to the sound that plays on the remote machine in real-time, exchanging files between the remote machine and the portable device and even printing from the remote host to the local device.

Convert any web browser into a Remote Desktop client

RDS-WebAccess is a clientless remote desktop solution. We call it clientless because no plugin or client software is required. Instantly Web-Enable any desktop application and run legacy applications inside a web browser, without having to modify or rewrite it. RDS-WebAccess is a pure web solution and does not require Flash, Java, ActiveX, Silverlight or any other setup on the end-user side. Once this software is installed on your PC or RDS server, all you need to access your desktop is a compatible web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera… .

Fully secured and customizable Web Portal

The Web Access Portal provides secure, managed and accelerated access from local and any remote servers location, to text or graphics-rich Windows applications and to Windows desktops. With the RDS-WebAcces Webmaster Toolkit, it is really easy to customize pages with different themes, various background colors, your company name, pictures or logos… In one click and without any web design skills your user’s entry point looks corporate! The provided HTML pages include Windows, Linux, and MAC web access clients, as well as a JAVA client for any JAVA-enabled web browser. Access it securely thanks to SSL encryptions.

Solution for the Bring–Your–Own–Device era

RDS-WebAccess-- Embrace BYOD – minimize IT hassles and help desk support load. Take advantage of RDS-WebAccess features and secure, anywhere, any device connectivity and access-management solutions. With RDS-WebAccess, you will leverage the advanced features of HTML5 to quickly and easily turn any HTML5-compatible browser or device into an enhanced RDP Client. Instantly connect to Windows desktops and applications, from iPad, iPhone, Android devices, computers running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, and even from locked-down work stations. RDS-WebAccess HTML5 connections look, work and perform like a native RDP connection; even with sound and clipboard support.

Access and manage your applications with the HTML5 Top Menu

With RDS-WebAccess HTML5 top menu, add, edit or remove applications which will appear at the top of your web page. Your users will be able to access their applications directly from the Internet, simply by clicking on the application icon in RDS-WebAccess Portal. Easily share files from your Remote Desktop to the Server and vice-versa. Easily print from a remote location thanks to the Universal Printer.

Download Now!

RDS-WebAccess latest major release. RDS-WebAccess is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to remotely connect to your server from any device, including mobiles, tablets and computers. This trial version includes all RDS-WebAccess features, free to use for 2 weeks and 10 users.


Cybercriminals know that you are using a remote desktop.

It does not require special motives for your remote computer to become another target for hackers because of the huge power. However, most businesses, thanks to their weak security, give the criminals many opportunities. Sometimes one careless click on a fake email, and you can lose data, or control over the machine.

Most organizations think that the primary goal of a cybercriminal attack is to use important data the company uses to provide their services. However, hackers usually do not care what is on the machine, for them the most important computing power of your hardware, which can carry out attacks on more targets.

When Windows Architecture grows and evolves, more difficult for experts is to secure all endpoints in this architecture. All you need is to know all the security flaws of the virtual desktop to minimize the danger.

RDS-Knight combines advanced technology with the expertise of our skilled team who work to secure your remote desktop. Try our program now and it will become your secret weapon soon. The program is easy to use and will meet your RDS security requirements for the dangers of the Internet.

360-degree protection

RDS-Knight offers 5 key points of protection:

  • Protects against attacks aimed at getting into a session.
  • Protects against logging in at night.
  • Protects against brute-force attacks.
  • Provides a high level of user protection.
  • Protects access to the device.

Geo-location management for RDP

Your remote users are located in offices located in the US, UK or Canada. So why should any user from China, India, Iran or Germany have access to login to the session?

RDS-Knight , will protect your RDS server from every login that will be from any foreign country. It's very simple and effective. Just do it

Protect your server at night

Of course, users should be free of accessing the server. But why should they log in late at night?

With RDS-Knight , you can specify work day time when each group will be able to log on to the server. This will be unbelievably easy and will at the same time increase the security of your server.

Block brute-force attacks

If your Windows server is publicly available over the Internet, you can be sure that hackers, web scanners, and robots using the brute-force method will try to get your admin login and password. Using the dictionary method will bomb your server hundreds or thousands of times. per minute. It is no longer just a danger to your security, it is also a huge burden on your computer resources as well as your network.

Stop continuous strikes at this time along with RDS-Knight . Reliable defender against brute-force attacks immediately defends your server by monitoring failed attempts to log into the system and prohibits access to the server's IP address after several attempts. Of course, you can also configure it to suit your other needs.

With one click, set the correct security settings

Windows offers many powerful security management tools, however, it will cost you several days to implement these properly. Most users also experience the discomfort of using systems that may be incompatible with each other. As a result, the administrator leaves the project or implements only a few of them.

One click of RDS-Knight will implement the most effective security practices for you. Within a few minutes the best security will be on your server and can be easily implemented and for the group and for the user. It's more than saving your time. Our program will implement the best protection practices for you uncompromisingly.

Device protection

Why hackers are capable of this to use stolen login information and log in to the server from any device should this be impossible? Endpoint Protection is the right answer: Login information will be associated with the endpoint of the person who logs on to it.

How it's working? RDS-Knight will monitor the name of the device the first time it connects to a particular user. The administrator can decide whether to allow the device from this user to log on to the desktop. When this is done, the user's connection from another device will be automatically detected and discarded.


RDS-Knight is the best solution for your server. This version allows unlimited testing for 14 days.

Monitor Your server easier than before!

With Server Genius software, you save your company's money by monitoring the licenses your users use, as well as their shortages or overcharges. Server Genius helps you optimize your application resources and reduce unnecessary costs. It also allows you to effectively manage your architecture so you can plan for the long-term development of your IT infrastructure.

Server Genius measures real-time all your server parameters (Processors, Memory, Disks, I / O devices) for each user.

Track changes, resource usage, and events on the server in real time by notifying your email address. Do not wait until users start complaining about server instability. The network interface allows you to view full statistics even on a server or tablet.

Easiest reporting solution for your server.

Server Genius is easy to install for everyday use and management.
Use our tool to gather the most important information about your servers and remote desktops, and display them freely in a central database.

  • 30 second installation.
  • Easy and user-friendly reports.
  • Quick and easy setup of reports.

Track remote access to your servers and monitor
your RDP sessions

Without the ability to monitor user activity, administrators will suffer because of undetected risks arising from user behavior. Server Genius functionality allows administrators to be immediately notified of suspicious user activity.

We're giving you a complete solution to this problem:

  • Track remote desktop access
  • Monitor employee activity on remote desktop
  • Check every time employees are actively working
  • Monitor sessions run by RDP
  • Check RDP user connection times
  • Get a warning and act in response to a security risk

Watch carefully the software on the server

With Server Genius session logging checks the activity of users from logging on to the server via RDP or terminal server.

Check live sessions of your remote desktop to measure bandwidth and get information on what improvements to implement in the future.

Check your licenses and you'll always know the excess or shortage of licenses you use. Avoid penalties and reduce costs by managing licenses effectively.

Get real-time notifications and fix problems faster

The functionality and analysis of your server carried out by the program allows you to see what events occurred at a certain time. These events generate emails to inform the Administrator immediately. Receive these reports wherever you are with our effective application.

  • Customize warnings to set time and frequency
  • Network interface is fully compatible with browsers on tablets or smartphones

Monitor worker activity

Get employee activity information as long as they are connected to the remote desktop. Use Server Genius to monitor their monthly and daily activity. Specify the most active hours and monitor user activity each day.

Get important application information and determine the most used and popular applications on your remote desktop. Have access to information about the amount of time that users spend on a specific application.

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Server Genius Start monitor your server at real time with RDS Server Genius


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RDS WebAccess

It includes the following functionality



  • Full remote desktop
  • Suitable for Firefox, Chrome, IE ...
  • fully HTML5
  • Drag and drop technology transfer files
  • Universal Print Driver
  • Built-in javie-based server for unlimited users

RDS Knight Essentials

It includes the following 3 functionality



  • Country based protection
  • Protection based on working time
  • Brute-force protection
  • Separate security for each user


It includes the following functionality



  • Country based protection
  • Protection based on working time
  • Brute-force protection
  • Separate security for each user
  • Advanced Security
  • Protect basic lines

Server Genius Essentials Edition

For One Server



  • All the Reports on your server
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Unlimited number of Users
  • Unlimited number of Applications

Server Genius Startup Edition

Up to 5 Servers


  • All the Reports for up to 5 servers
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Unlimited number of Users
  • Unlimited number of Applications

Server Genius Business Edition

Up to 10 Servers


  • All the Reports for up to 10 servers
  • Customizable Alerts
  • Unlimited number of Users
  • Unlimited number of Applications

Buy the entire RDS-TOOLS tool kit



Full set of all 3 tools: RDS-Knight Ultimate RDS-WebAccess and Server Genius - with a large discount

License and EULA

Cena licencji RDS Tools It does not include annual support / upgrade charges. To keep your RDS Tool up to date and protected, it is recommended that you subscribe and re-annual support service fees. The annual Support / Update fee guarantees you receive all software changes, patches, bug fixes, or even new versions of your application. During this one-year service period, you will also receive support from the online support team. If you need more information, please email us at:

Payment methods

We accept credit card payments Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB , and PayPal .

Mass Licensing

If you select 10 or more licenses , we can offer you a Company License. It allows you to obtain software that automatically activates the license without having to buy more copies for each computer.
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